14-17 September 2014
Muenster University Center (MUC), The University of South Dakota
US/Central timezone

Scientific Programme

(a) Progress on Germanium-based dark matter experiments (SuperCDMS, EDELWEISS, and CDEX).
(b) Progress on Germanium-based neutrinoless double-beta decay (0νββ) experiments (Majorana and GERDA).
(c) Germanium-based neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering and neutrino magnetic moment.
(d) Gamma tracking (GRETINA and AGATA).
(e) Low background counting.
(f) Germanium recovery.
(g) Germanium technology (Zone refining, germanium crystal growth, detector fabrication, wafer processing).
(h) Germanium industry partnership (Umicore, ORTEC, Canberra, Princeton Tech, PHD, MTI, etc.)
(i) Germanium related science for young scientists.
(j) Posters and exhibitions.